Sunday, April 02, 2006

作文:spotlight on beauty of taiwan

Mid-term composition
Topic:spotlight on beauty of Taiwan
Acdemic No:97079
. Kaohsiung is a relatively new, immigrant type of metropolis, most of whose residents have moved in from outside. The early immigrants from Tainan, Chiayi, Penghu, and other parts of Kaohsiung County, plus local products such as the seafood harvest of nearby seas and the game and agricultural produce of neighboring counties and cities, have given Kaohsiung's culinary culture a diverse face. At the same time, Kaohsiung is a major international harbor where foreign dishes are also served, including Italian noodles, Indian curries, and Japanese food. Restaurants serving foreign food are everywhere, adding still more to the diversity of cuisine available here.
The city's snacks are found mostly in its night markets, the most prominent of which are the Lioho Night Market(六合夜市), Qingnian Night Market(青年夜市), and Xinxing Night Market(新興夜市). Strolling casually through these night markets, you will find Kaohsiung's special snacks everywhere. The most noticeable thing about the Lioho Night Market, which is known for the wide range of its snacks, is the signs everywhere proclaiming steak houses(牛排屋) and seafood restaurants. There are more than 10 of these, offering inexpensive, home-style steak meals. It takes more than 10 minutes to walk through this night market, with vendors' stands on each side offering everything from game, seafood, and special products to cold drinks and ices. The richness of the snack flavors here is known throughout Taiwan, with some of the items most characteristic of Kaohsiung being papaya milkshakes and salted steamed shrimp. Not to be missed!
If you are partial to seafood, you might take a ferry to the old streets of Chichin(旗津) to sample the seafood-based cuisine here. As soon as you get off the boat your eyes will be filled with an endless concatenation of seafood restaurants. The seafood restaurants here are congregated on Miaoqian Street(廟前老街) and beside the Chichin Administration Center(旗津區行政中心) across form the Coastal Park. The bounty of the sea here is the freshest, its variety is the richest, and its prices are among the lowest. There is no better place for enjoying a seafood feast than Chichin.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

my thought of the wizard of OZ

My thought of the wizard of OZ
Life wasn’t just violence and despair. It could be beautiful and happy,as well,John Woo is the glorious of Taiwan people,he got to affirm of world,he goes to Hollywood
To become a big auteur,we all be proud of him
Dorothy is a orphan ,she live with her aunt , uncle and her dog ,ToTo.
There is a basement under their house,to avoid the tornado,
One day, the tornado really comes,she in order to safe ToTo,
So they got roll up to the sky,then they got drop in a forest
They arise a lot of strange thing,they meet dwarfs and three of her friends
,tin man ,lion and scare crow,they are funny ,they accompany Dorothy to find the
Wizard of Oz,scare crow want to have a smart brain, tin man want to have a heart and
Lion want to have courage,the wizard live in the green jade castle ,the wizard Oz told them to defeat the bad wiard then she will realize their wish, so they go to defeat the bad wizard, the bad wizard scared water ,when she touch the water,she melted,
And they come back to the green jade castle ,Oz realize their wish , and Dorothy go home

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Finding NEMO

When Nemo first finds himself in the fish tank, the starfish tries to report the dentist's actions but her voice is muffled by the glass pane. She has to pull away to talk. However, when the other fish watch the dentist, the starfish is talking perfectly normally and not muffled, even though she's pressed up against the glass again.When the dentist wants to put Nemo in a bag, he has a Ziploc (a plastic bag with a zipper) but when he finally catches him, it has changed to a normal plastic bag.Before Nemo is initiated into the Tank Gang, Brother Bloat introduces the Ring of Fire. Bloat then retreats and goes between the on-looking fish. In the next shot Bloat is on the outside/right. In the following shot Bloat is again in the middle.
it's a funny anime, and it's warm and fragrant,Marlin is very courageous,He is a good father.